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Backbeat Collective
Music School

Accessible Gigging Experience

Overcome live performance challenges with tangible opportunities from exclusive showcases to collaborative gigs and community events. Cultivate confidence on stage and connect with audiences.

Foundational Techniques

Devoted instructors guide you through fundamental techniques for bass, guitar, keys, drums, or vocals. Building a robust foundation, refine your technique, and empower you to express with confidence.

Dynamic Group Sessions

Sessions starting this in Guitar, Drums, bass, keys and Vocals. Collaborate, connect, and learn in an environment fostering teamwork and creativity. Enhance skills, expand your musical repertoire, and form lasting friendships.

Unique Offering

We bridge the gap for aspiring musicians, providing both gigging experience and essential techniques. Gain valuable performance opportunities and expertise, becoming a well-rounded musician prepared for industry demands. 


Backbeat Collective Music

Song Exploration:

Work on 3-4 challenging songs during the term.

Dive deep into songs with intricate elements, including guitar solos and syncopated drum parts.

Technical Development:

Receive hands-on guidance to play and sing each part of the selected songs.

Focus on technical development, refining your skills on your chosen instrument.


Emphasise the importance of stagecraft and presentation.

Learn how to command the stage and captivate your audience.


The heart of this course is the exciting goal of performing live onstage with your band at the end of the term. This isn't ju

st a music class; it's an opportunity to showcase your talent and boost your confidence as a performer.

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